Youth Running Club

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About the club

The Southlake Running Co. is excited to host our first ever Youth Running Club for interested runners in the DFW area. We welcome all runners (you do not have to be a part of Carroll ISD to participate) and are excited to share our knowledge of the sport to help young athletes develop! 


Coach Jordan Chavez

Coach Jordan Chavez is the main coach for the Youth Running Club. He has been running since the age of eight and believes in early education and support in developing a healthy love for the sport. He ran for Carroll while in high school, attended and ran at Division 1, University of Richmond, and also has been a member of Team USA for Mountain Running racing in Europe and across North America. He is excited to foster a passion for running and help kids develop the necessary skills to be a successful runner.



Each meeting will include teaching on many of the "little things" outside of running that are necessary to stay healthy and run well. Each runner will then have a pre-determined run with teammates of similar ability and distance for that day. The meeting will conclude with life and leadership skills, and general running teaching from Coach Jordan and guest speakers.


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